About Amie

Amie is a(n)
lawyer. wife. smartass. judgmental jerk. alliteration aficionado. pop culture junkie. former dancer. insufferable know-it-all. hardcore fan of her undergrad university and its sporting teams. cynic.

Amie loves
broadway musicals. europe. cooking. sunshine. high threadcount sheets. pointy-toe pumps. barnes & noble. shellfish dipped in drawn butter and lemon juice. vacation. editing things with a red pen. lake michigan. muppets. her house. the oxford comma. mad men. writing mean letters threatening lawsuits. tap dancing, especially in pointy-toe pumps down long echo-ey hallways. artichokes. limericks. having business cards. taking pictures of scenery. her husband. serifs. glee. living in chicago. black tea. singing. daydreaming about how to decorate her house. standardized tests. being right. organ donors. brie. white wine. long hot showers. using capital letters and italics for emphasis. jeans. her best girlfriends from law school who live all over the country and email her all the time. latin. college football. white wine. neil patrick harris. lawyering.

Amie hates
non-musical plays. hypocrites. sweet tea. artificial sweetener. anything that calls itself low- or reduced- fat. sitting in the front row. uggs and crocs. that her house isn't unpacked yet and is missing a ton of furniture. vacuuming. closed-minded people. shitty spelling, punctuation, and grammar. the damn-near-always misused word "myself". packing. arrogance. the damn dictaphone. ignorance. lawyers who do things just to feel like they're important instead of to help their client. running. being cold. eyeball problems. people who don't give blood or sign organ donor cards. mosquito bites. people who can't walk in heels. paying bills. blisters.

Anything I'm missing here? Probably. Shoot me an email and tell me what to add. I might listen.
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